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How Refurbishment Process is Completed With Quality Carts 

- Disassemble cart down to the frame 

- Inspect frame for defects or damage

- Power wash frame

- Steel frames are sandblasted or wire wheeled, then recoated with rust preventative enamel chassis paint. 
- Gas powered carts get the oil changed as well as, air filters, fuel filter, fuel line, spark plugs, Drive belts and starter belts. clutches are cleaned, Inspected, replaced as necessary.

- Electric carts get all electrical components, including throttle sensors, wiring harness, motor, controller, speed sensors all inspected and replaced as necessary.

- Inspect Steering system operations

- Inspect all trim pieces and replace as necessary

- Paint body panels to the customers specified paint color, using the high quality PPG brand automotive paint.

- Clean and inspect battery hold down and tray

- Lubricate all moving parts

- Change gear oil in rear differential

- Check suspension, replace worn bushings

- Check wheel bearings and hubs, replace worn bearing

- Check, Adjust, and/or replace worn Brakes

- Check and adjust alignment

- Re-assemble cart / Install all parts and accessories

- Connect curtis handheld scanner to controller and check for any fault codes and for proper system operation and Install Speed codes

- Check and adjust Tire pressure

- Test charger functions properly

- Test drive cart ten ten miles to check all functions working properly prior to delivery

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