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JL Audio 7.7" Marine Coaxial Speakers, White Classic Grilles

JL Audio 7.7" Marine Coaxial Speakers, White Classic Grilles

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Purpose-engineered for real-world marine duty, M3-Series coaxial systems are built to produce excellent sound in open-air boat environments, at a more affordable price. The oversized design of the M3-770X 7.7-inch coaxial speaker results in increased efficiency and mid-bass response over standard 6.5-inch marine speakers. The long excursion woofer design and excellent power handling ensures your music will play loud and clear at speed, or at anchor. Optimized for infinite-baffle operation, M3-770X woofers are designed to operate without needing an enclosure behind them. 

A 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter, specially treated to withstand the marine environment, handles the high-frequency duties. Silk has been chosen for its lightness, excellent damping properties and smooth response characteristics. A fixed grille-mounted design ensures peak tweeter performance with no loss of woofer radiating area. A 2nd order high-pass filter on each tweeter is integrated into the woofer grille and requires no additional mounting provision. Equipped with a self-resetting protection circuit, the signal going to the tweeter is monitored and automatically disconnected in the event of an overload to minimize the chances of tweeter failure.

While M3-770X Coaxial Systems can be used with as little as 20 W per channel, amplifiers capable of between 70-140 W of continuous power per channel are recommended for best audio performance. All JL Audio marine speakers are saltwater-rated, utilizing corrosion and UV resistant materials throughout to exceed industry standards.

Sold as a pair.


  • Acoustically engineered to deliver excellent sound in open-air boat environments
  • Saltwater-rated and built with corrosion and UV resistant materials throughout
  • Oversized 7.7-inch design outperforms standard 6.5-inch marine speakers
  • Long-excursion woofers designed to operate without an enclosure behind them (infinite baffle)
  • 0.75-inch (19 mm) silk dome tweeters specially treated to withstand UV and salt-spray exposure
  • Integrated 2nd order high-pass filter on tweeter with solid state protection circuit
  • Continuous Power Handling: 70 Watts
  • Recommended Amp Power: 20 - 140 Watts per channel
  • System Efficiency: 90.5 dB
  • System Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • System Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 25 KHz (± 3 dB)
  • Built in USA with Global Components
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